Our Promise

Demonstrating our confidence in our products and workmanship

The Home Improvement Studio products and service is an investment which deserves protection. To give you and your customers peace of mind we have introduced a Customer Care Promise which runs alongside our five year product guarantee and twelve month labour guarantee.

Our aim is to resolve all Customer Care issues within 20 working days, during which time we will have investigated the complaint, visited your client if necessary and carried out any qualifying remedial works. Along the way we will ensure that you are kept right up to speed with the progress of the complaint.

The Home Improvement Studio employs a team of experienced Managers who work closely with their own Technicians to ensure a professional approach to each and every issue raised.

The Customer Care Promise covers our own manufactured products (cabinets and non-luxury worktops) and the services we offer.

Should a complaint not qualify for remedial work on a non-chargeable basis we will still be happy to quote for extra installation work at locations where we have already supplied and fitted our products.

Our Customer Care Promise forms part of our Standard Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is available upon request.